Tin Lizzie Saloon

94% love it
Lively and local
Meet friends and sip cocktails at this comfortable and welcoming bar with a pool table and occasional snacks.


    • garrick.lague
      garrick.lague Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This is the most bullshit bar I have ever been to in my life. My boyfriend and I walk in to get a drink, and walk up to the bar. A bartender told my boyfriend "I don't have fucking time to serve you" which upset me. Mind you he is 43 and I am 24. I proceeded to stand there and ask for two beers in which I was promptly served. Where I wrote on the ticket for the tip ZERO.ZEROZERO and a comment that you don't have time to serve my boyfriend? Screw you. Then the manager came up to us, not to apologize but to tell us to leave and we are no longer welcome. The managers name was Karen and she was completely rude and unreasonable. The bartenders name was Shawn. We were told to leave and we were not even allowed to finish our beverages. These are some terrible people and treat people horribly. DO NOT GO TO THIS BAR! It's disgusting how they treat their patrons. If you don't have time to serve someone then you shouldn't be behind the bar. Everybody's money is green.

    • Libra21
      Libra21 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Worst Establishment Visited Since I Moved Here
      Just moved to Cali-Laguna to be exact. My partner and I decided to check this place out because it was fairly close. As soon as we walked in we knew something just wasn't right. Yes, it was a bit crowded, but I have never seen such a display of people in general with a bunch of pushy bitchy "children." I'm from the south so we say "pardon me" or "excuse me" when we accidentally bump into someone-instead the kids here push their way around and show complete disrespect for anyone but themselves. This not only happened once in the whole hour we were there, but twice. Sad to say, but this place has an incredibly negative vibe and some serious bad energy floating around. My partner and I will definitely NOT be returning. Horrible experience. We are only in our early thirties and are considered by society's standards a handsome successful gay monogamous couple. This new generation of children who seem to think they are entitled to something truly need a reality check and a huge lesson on the art of being polite to your fellow man. This experience was an EPIC FAIL.

    • Loki67
      Loki67 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      One of the few local hangouts left in the OC
      Great little bar for meeting friends old and new.